Local MBE/DBE certified welding company.
Local minority welders


Our services:


The building industry is suffering from an unprecedented shortage of qualified welders.

We provide Qualified welders for:

Structural Steel erection.

Power Plants & Industrial plants.

Storage tank farms.

Bridge welding.

Ship & Barge welding

Precast structures. 


For projects that require our Fully equipped welding services we provide the following;


1 Welding Foreman, 

4 Certified Welders 

Welding and cutting equipment and consumables,

Angel wings work platforms and ladders  


(Arc gouging, lifts, or other equipment will be an additional cost.)



Minority welders

For projects that require just our workforce of welders we provide the following;


1 welding foreman

4 welders with wire-feeders


(welding equipment, consumables, lifts, and other equipment will be provided by others)


Certified minority welders

We're a skilled workforce.

We're Certified welders

We're a local New England company

We serve New England

We're MBE /DBE certified


We hope you'll let us help you with your welding project.


A-Plus Welding

A-Plus Welding & Engineering Inc.