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​                                         Our Welding Services:


Emergency weld repairs for heavy construction.

Structural welding procedures. 

On-site Heavy equipment weld repairs.

Welding services for Concrete and precast


Marine Construction and Piles welding.

Ship and Barge welding repairs.






2 Welders, Welding Equipment & Consumables:

$2000.00 a day.


Any fabrication and materials we provide will require a down payment.

Any cranes, fork lifts, and  aerial lifts will be billed at cost.

We provide prompt service for prompt payment.

We DO NOT do 30 day payment schedules.

                                   About Us:


We Carry Workers comp and General liability         insurance.

We provide FCAW and SMAW welding services.

We are OSHA trained, and NFPA certified and compliant.

We provide welding services for all of New England.


A-Plus Welding & Engineering Inc.